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Knight In Shining Armour
HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Knight In Shining Armour

I am no longer on medication
And to get through this, it's taken a lot of dedication.
I have got better over the year
This time last year I didn't think I'd still be here.

My knight in shining armour
Was once upon a time a farmer.
For years I thought he didn't really care
But now my Dad is always there.

He took me under his wing
When I thought I had lost every thing.
He is trying his best
And included me in his new family nest.

At times he doesn't know what to say
Especially if I'm having a bad day.
He tells me that there's no need to worry
I just sit and cry and tell him I'm sorry.

He really didn't have a clue
Of all the things that I went through.
That's because I wasn't allowed to tell
I was able to hide my emotions well.

He was unaware what mum was like
Especially after he took a hike.
I wish he hadn't left me behind
But he did what he thought to be right in his mind.

He says he feel sbad
That he wasn't there when they made me sad.
But I can never be mad
I don't blame Dad.

My mum told so many lies
But now I know the truth and becoming more wise.
My Dad is not the man that she makes out
HE loves his kids without a doubt.

He may not be the type to give out a hug
But he is far from being just the adulteress thug.
I'm glad that he found someone new
Someone who makes him happy too.

All those years I missed Dad
But we are making up for lost time and with that I'm glad.
It's such a shame that it took so long
For him to realise that something was wrong.

But now I know he's on my side
And he will do his best to try and guide.
I am so glad that he's my Dad
The best that I could have ever had.

I am so glad that we have now had this chance to build on our relationship especially after I thought we had lost everything thanks to the poison words of my mother. But now I have seen him for the real man that he is and I wouldn't change him for the world. I love you so much Dad, more than you will ever know xxxx

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Beautiful love for a father, such deciet but yet good has neen found. A Father's love is so wonderful, enjoy all you can with your new family! Thank you for sharing your knight story w/ us Patricia