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Knock Knock
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Knock Knock


as i was siting and taking care of my family and
friends i heard it coming at me knock knock
i heard it and i ignored me so it hit me again
knock knock i didn't know what it was till it was
too late.

knock knock life has caught up with me as i move
my left and hold it hard with my fist. knock knock
the time is here clock is coming at me like zero
knock knock as i grew and grew i ignored it
every time it knocked knocked and now im slane

life was once filled with love and pleasure young
and fruitful dreams filled with the hope of today
never tomorrow. knock knock too slow to react
only time to say your sorry and live for the moment

knock knock harder and harder till i could bare no more
when will it end so i ask above why me god and why i
gota feel and hear the sound. knock knock knock knock

i m here now i m awake and bright eyed light has shone
on me and the effection of life has awoken me so watch
out cos i will never let you get away never let you slip away
i have a lot to do so i wont let you slip away so im a keep you
tight. knock knock its me coming to get you so watch it.

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