(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Knock! Knock!

It was like
a joke
gone wrong
or a forgotten ending.

“Knock knock! ”
said the door.

“Who’s there? ”
I answered.

It was you
or rather
the memory of you.

It just pushed
its way in

asking how I was
getting on

now that you were

“Fine! ”
(I lied)
“Fine! ”

The memory of you

It did everything
you used to do

set in your favorite chair
arms covering
your breasts

crossed heels
covering your sex

naked &
at the same time not

scattered underwear

that I as usual
picked up

answering from
the darkened bedroom
in your bedroom voice

in here! ”

Shouted from the loo
for a new loo roll

as if you were
a programmed hologram

from the deck of
the Starship Enterprise.

Highly illogical.

The memory of you
did everything

you do

except be


for real.

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The Ghost of one Who isn't there... The air, filled with Perfumed hair... The silence... For no one is there... But me... Alone there.
Nice original way....to miss her....