IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Knock.Knock Who's There For M 'Ladyernestine

The poltergeist, mischievous sprite
who taps and knocks to cause alarm
and can move things about by night.
A nuisance but does little harm.

It is to be found most commonly
up to his scalliwaggery.
Where one approaching puberty
creates him quite unconsciously.

He’s not a separate entity
but an extension of the mind.
Which can act independently
in some way as yet undefined.

Or so psychiatrists believe
and who can prove their words untrue
Their explanations don’t achieve
an end to what is troubling you.

A poltergeist a noisy ghost
does little harm to anyone
. His mostly unsuspecting host
often a girl sometimes a boy.

A child who quite unconsciously
expresses feelings they can’t show
with openness and honesty.
When they mature the ghost will go.

There are some things you can’t explain
no matter how hard you may try.
The experts need to think again
if they’re to solve this mystery.

But they maintain as experts do
that their opinions are correct.
Although sometimes this may be true.
Some times it is not I suspect.

For Poltergeists obey no rules
Although the experts think they do
Just self opinionated fools
who know less than they think they do.


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Spooky spooky Eh! ! ! ! I do believe in ghosts, and the poltergeist I think usually has a great sense of humour. Not that I would want to see things flying around, but one never knows when these things will happen. I hope I sleep okay tonight! ! ! ! ! Super write. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX