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Knocked Down Again And Again
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Knocked Down Again And Again

This is It the very last time
I can't take this shit life no more
Too much paintoo much agony.
Too many memories thats for sure.
All the problems keep ariving at my shore.
Knocking at the door.

I can never climb back up.
When all I do is keep breaking down.
Too many mental problems.
I wanted help but now its tuff.
Becuase I'm such a bad person.
And it was me that made my life this way.

It's my fault, Its always my fualt.
If only I could see you before I go.
To get my revenge and gourge your eyes out.
Becuase I bluddy well hate you.
I'll huant you every minuite of the day.
Reminding you of what you done.
I'll huant you from above.

Theres no point in living anymore
I have lost everything I've ever loved.
Theres no turning back
I'm tired of this hell and sick of my problems.
Its killing me but noone can see.
Nothing more I can do.
rotting away into the ground
Walk away leave it all behind me now.
Exit this world.
Maybe Im a sad case.
Or even a lost course.
But we'll never know.

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'Its killing me but no one can see.' I see, Amy. Be yourself, you don't need anyone else. I liked your poem. Colin J...