Knocking On Heaven's Door

The Day St.Gabriel
blows his horn
and the fallen
arise from their

When the ears of
saved will ring
in recognition
every nation one
in the same

When the sun
shines so bright
the moon is no
longer known to
mankind and the eyes of
the demons melt away

No shadows to cast
or caverns to explore
every soul stood as

Sinners called from
their caves to
be held for their
ways, the Wicked close
to follow.

And one by one
were held accountable
each sin spelled
word for word

Some granted entry
others only teased
at the idea, prior
to facing their fate

When it is me who
stands before
Peter at the gates
of eternity fist
clenched of past

And St.Peter ask me of
my heart; Have
I loved enough,
Have I let love and
if I used the gifts

Have I sinned
to much, Made others
sin, or Stood blind
to obvious wrong doings

With no one else
for me to cast blame
no friends or family
by my side

Angel eyes witness
my doubt, no words
or muscles to move

All I can do is

by Daryl Hennix

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