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Knot - I
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Knot - I

There it lies deep within
Near the bottom
Hidden from prying eyes
Put there for a reason

Note how the fingers explore
digging deeply within,
searching for this
mysterious spot

That ties together
what was intended
by the maker

The folds conceal
The tightly bound knot
All of the same color
yet the light catches and plays
on the different textures.

Feel for the knot
For the eye cannot easily
find it within

Using the forefinger
Run it slowly
Over the area
Until the knot is discovered

Now look and see.
Is it there? Perhaps,
It can be grasped between
The thumb and forefinger
And exposed.

Pull gently
As if trying to lift a
fragile pearl from its
Resting place

Now it is standing upright
perhaps one hand can
spread the folds
giving better light to the area

It is time to do
what you intended
Tease the knot
raise it higher

And now carefully
twist and turn
Seeking to find a way
In which it responds

The area
Does not permit
Wet the fingers
And thrust again

There is a yielding
A coming apart
As it were

Until finally the knot
shrinks to nothingness
And only a thread of
Its structure remains

Now pull gently
and the sweater's
wool yields and it
can be unknitted.


If you think there is hidden meaning in this subject
I refer you to one even more suspect.
Lisa Randall by name
Is one of Harvard University fame.

Lisa is said to be
Concerned more that you and me
About Knots
In a Piece of String.
Even gave the topic a name
Which is even more strange.

The Glam theory we are told
Explores things in a manner most bold.
For this I refer you
To her work: Knots II

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