Fruit On The Vine

With courageous smile
And hopeful heart
You walked steady
Down the aisle

A tender shoot
A giddy root
We were grafted
Branch to vine
The purest cutting, woven to my side

This smitten stalk, No thought to walk
I sent out my roots to RUN!
You my love, reached gently above
Sprouting leaves to catch the Sun

Exchange with me my bride
All you find above
And I will share my strength and food
And thus the world spy Love.

Water and Light, Growth and Blight
Intermingled, intertwined
Through the Master’s mysterious ways
A marriage He did bind

Each year the Master pruned
Some limbs we’d gladly lose
Other times the loses hard
Not what we would choose

Five winters we have rested
Five Springs we have arisen
Five Summers we have toiled
Five Autumns we’ve been given

Yet at the Autumn harvest
Barren we have been
No fruit we have found
Though searching every limb

The Master always faithful
Striving hard not to doubt
His dawn ever true
We wait for fruit to sprout

Forever I could enjoy
Our life a lovely lot
My Joy undimmed
If our vine blossoms not

Yet now this spring
Tender clusters we did Find!
A joyful year indeed!
Fruit! on our vine!

Excited and Patient
At this finding we rejoice!
Trusting still the Master
And His ever wise choice

Thankful for the fruit
We have found upon our vine
And Joyfully expectant of
the day, we see wine!

Onward we go,
Nourishing this flock,
Seeking wisdom in the Master’s ways
And Building on the Rock

by Josh Brandon Lowery

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