Know Going Back

I didn’t know that it was love
or how I felt about you,
but now I know cos I can’t go
a single day without you.

I thought I’d outgrown all that stuff,
clock-watching, heart a-flutter,
I thought I’d grown aloof and tough,
but you melt me like butter.

I never knew that I went through
each day without a cause,
slowly vegetating fast
behind a wall of doors.

I didn’t know there’d be such joy
to cushion each day’s end
knowing I have got and am
a very special friend.

And I’d forgotten what it meant
with no what, why or wherefore,
to know that each tomorrow means
there’ll be someone to care for

Now there’s one thing I’m certain of
with knowing what I do.
I never could go back to how
I was, when without you.

by Terry Donovan

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