Know The Rulings Of Your Heart Are True

How can we expect good from anyone and be disappointed when
It is not displayed when we do not act in accordance to the rulings
Of our own hearts? How are we to expect anyone to resist the temptation
Of exploitation if we are to be so happy in exploiting others ourselves?
How are we to expect charity if we are never the ones to give it?
How are we to expect Love is we are never the ones to live it?
Are we to expect anything, least we end up disappointed?

I feel disjointed yet anointed with the blessing of being able to
Undress this manifest reality we have been given and to see
The true wonder that lay within just as I am here to show my gratitude
For the world beyond my flesh.

Just as the blood of the wasp has laid so
Heavy on my hands for all these years so
To continue build upon its stain a monument of refrain.
I know now is the time to step into the world as a figure
Of whom I am proud to dwell within, setting modes to inner flight
The night’s road comes to a graceful end as we sing of the songs of Love you bring.

Know the rulings of your heart are true and if ever you should part with its teachings
Know that there is no other voice that will guide you with a love so true that could not be considered preaching.

The Love we live is a consequence of the Love we give whether or not we shall receive any in return.

We are only ever to know that there is no good nor evil if we are able to understand the marriage of heaven and hell.
For good appears as a passive quality, a reluctance to act upon the instinct of intuition that guides us.

What the law of man doth say some times in no ways corresponds with the rulings of the heart
Listen to the rhythmic hypnosis of your souls solemn chanting enticing you to chance within the circle of the shamans dance.

Turn within the medicine wheel - spin to unravel –Trip to travel beyond the circle.

Temptations of the flesh devour as decadent dogs the fresh youth of adolescents cravings
Nothing can be done nor should it but for helping those that would seek the guidance of another.
Love each as your mother and understand that it is not the hand of mortal law that bears down
Guilt upon our souls when we lie to one another - it is the law of our hearts to which we must abide and before no other law should we ever stop in our striding towards the light.

There is no wrong, there is no right,
For the evil which they would have
Us believe layeth within the devils heart
Is nothing but the energy upon which
The foundations of all life on earth is born.

All that is seen as sinful can be seen
As the fulfillment of desire –

Yet is it not a desire to know truth from falsity?
Is it not a desire to know true a reality
away from the blue within which we sometimes slip?
Is it not a desire for immortal life or for understanding everlasting
That man hath reared the sciences alongside the medicine of our time?

Still we strive ever onwards
Aspiring towards a perfection
That can never exist but within a dream.
Here Camelot remains - a romantic ideal in held
Dear by the soul of the heart.

Just as Atlantis arouses curiosity so to does
Camelot invoke a longing for a world that
Did never exist as we would wish it.

We are to expect nothing, but seemingly to aspire
To inspire and to conspire towards the fulfillment
Of our hearts desire.

Alongside helping others along their paths we are
Forever laughing in the face of those that would have
Us believe we hold no significance in our placement wherever we may be.

We are forever laughing in the face
Of those that are more concerned with the rat race than
Of knowing themselves as real.
We are forever laughing at those who paint upon their faces masks of utter falsity in a hope to conceal.

We seek an Understanding of our being.
We seek an understanding of all we are seeing.

by David Lacey

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