Know This And Move On

Refrain from being down,
With the smell and stench of b.s.
There is nothing to be inspired about it.
Leave it where it is.
Move around it and make forward steps.
There is more to life,
Than defining nonsense for what it is.
Know this and move on.

Why limit your life to daily conflicts.
Or make that choice.
To voice your opinion to give.
There are too many people,
With their faces twisted into frowns.
Accepting what is negative.
Done to choose and refusing to live,
As positive as possible.
With this felt to feel and keep as is.

Today not many will say they are grateful.
Although make claims of their faithfulness.
To have this heard just to impress.
Where is their faith addressed?
Or shown on their faces to express.

Refrain from being down,
And mired in a collective b.s.
Know this for what it is.
Move on to get around it.
Look for ways to enjoy,
Your own happiness found.
And keep remembered with steps taken,
To look ahead and not behind:
"Anger to release it,
Is returned from those...
Who received it to unleash.
Know this and move on.
With your peace of mind intact.
And a happiness you determine,
Is yours not to disturb.
But belongs to you to keep."

Know this more to notice it.
And move on!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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