Know What You'Re Doing

Your eyes
get stuck on my hands,
every few minutes, and there they lie
to linger as long as they can.

Your knees
move a little farther apart.
as you jiggle and swing your keys,
to give you an idea on how to start.

You get comfortable and so do I.
You don't know what you're doing yet.
And neither do I, without a smile on which to rely.
Our sanity is fine; it's self-control that is we haven't kept.

We're so ungrounded and shaky,
the wind will snatch us up any minute.
I guess this the hurricane of spontaneity;
You're sincere so I can't see any wrong in it.

Then suddenly, I know your next move and the plan,
before you even know yourself.
Gently and without insinuation, you are taking my hand
And deciding to comfort me because for me, there is no one else.

by Delilah Miller

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Oh my Colette, you've entered 'the wonder years'...Hang on for the ride and enjoy.Reading this makes us 'older' ones remember, how it once was, so new, so good, so overwhelmingly wonderful.........marci.xo
Cute, Very Interesting Trip on What You were thinking about :)