Know You Are Blessed

Blessings are due,
To those who keep faith
Whether dancing in joy...
Or sobbing in heartbreak.
You have not been forsaken.
Shake loose from those 'blues',
And choose that life you want!

Begin to flaunt it as if it's clear...
You know you are blessed,
And you feel those blessings near!
Blessings are due!
You will not recognize which ones are yours,
If you refuse to answer that knock on your door?

It is not always pain and suffering,
Wanting to gain entry!
Coming to plant seeds of sorrow.
To keep you tensed and venting!
But you wont know that...
If you continue to turn your back,
On the possibility that someone could come
To deliver your reward!

No one should get that bored with life.
Not to find each breath exciting!
Especially when God allowed and gave it!
And wants you to have it your way!
But you have to pray every day for it to happen.
Big Poppa didn't slack on giving you love.
Or had you forgotten?
That's how you got here in the first place!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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