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Know You Not What You Do To Me?
SW Sheri Walters (01/12/1970 / Richmond, VA)

Know You Not What You Do To Me?

Know you not what you do to me?
I am lost within thine indomitable power,
as lost as the rain to the sea;

Thy countenance, so lovely,
as pure as Springs first blush
An image I carry ardently
as I drift into sleeps gentle hush;

Thine eyes, how longing,
their lingering glance,
Wouldst thou come to me
if there were but one chance?

And thy touch, so benign,
yet how it burns,
Such concupiscence,
oh, how eagerly I yearn;

Thy breathe, so sweet,
to taste it but once
Willingly wouldst I pay
an eternal penance;

And thy voice! Couldst an angel
ever speak so fair?
So ethereal, so supernal,
shall I forever be ensnared?

But thou art not mine
Though within thee I am lost,
As lost as the rain to the sea......

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