KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)


I thought I knew it all
When I was just a kid
I listened with prejudice
Agreed with nods
Versed opinion with shrugs
I saw so many things
As life was rolling by
I met some real good friends
Who since have turned aside
Raising kids was just the best
Staggered thru the years
Racing here and there with them
Daring to let them explore
Keeping fires out with threats
Years have past and I have learned
Nothing I did was wrong
However right it wasn't
Always I am reminded of misgivings
Sometimes I am rewarded with
Laughter and some rehearsed memory
Love and anguish are together
My kids have children now
They are teaching too
They don't know they are training
To be martyrs when they are thru
I would do it all again
Just give me one last chance
Mostly wouldn't change a thing
Just smile and rehearse my life
Loved it then
Miss it now
What I miss the most
Is the asking of me 'how'
Look Look Look
So many chants
Now it's mostly won't and can't
Just remember fellow folk
We are getting older
Remember how to take a punch
And when to turn a loving shoulder

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Comments (3)

A refined poetic imagination, Martin. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
Years have passed and you have learnt many things. How to take punch this should be remembered. Kids are lucky with mother. Mother's love is higher than heaven. This is excellently penned poem shared here.10
Such a heartwarming poem, Karin....