Knowing I Can Not Accept Less

When I approached...
I could not keep,
My sincerety from reeking.
I sought to seek your closeness.

Concerns I expressed,
With a heartfelt depthness.
This became a sign for you...
To undo my goodwill.
And attempts to bring you joy.
I came to offer myself.
Hoping for a future,
The two of us could build together.

But you chose to see this,
From a limited perspective.
And from that mindset,
I have elected to disconnect.

If you are prepared,
To disrespect a sharing of my happiness...
What from you would come next?
Shallow comments made...
About whose life lived is best?

After taking the time to neglect my own steps,
Why should I linger in regret...
Knowing I can not accept less,
Than what is expected from you!
More abuse to confuse the issue?
I think not!

And in review of what has been done.
Giving in a way to you I pursued...
That has been thorough and thoughtlessly crude.
With a mindlessness shown to shun?
Why should I wish,
For a mending of this distance?
Needing not for me to miss.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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