Knowing Little About The 'Art' Of Work

First it was stated,
He lacked the experience.
Although the people had confidence in him.
And he became President.

Now the losers declare,
He has too much on his plate.
Too much at once for him to contemplate.
Although he is able to do that...
With more chores in store.

They can not keep up with his effective pace!
With complaints.
But no one has said he is incompetent.
And they wonder how he does it.
As they sit,
Like most lazy couch potatoes do.
Fuming and giving lip service,
About how things should be done.
Yet doing nothing themselves,
As is their custom and way of life to bicker,
And feed on snacks to entertain assorted whims.
Knowing little about the 'art' of work!
And how that is applied to accomplishment.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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