Knowing My Best Was Yet To Come

The only thing that mattered to you,
Was the making of impressions.
Not strengthening our relationship.
That became a daily game,
You enjoyed playing with.

So obsessed with the obtaining of bling,
You lowered your standards...
To having basement flings,
With those who provided...
Temporary feelings of reaching success.

And even though I left you,
Knowing my best was yet to come.
I was never in doubt I had to succumb,
To lower my standards to be someone's trash.
Just to prove I could get notoriety and have cash.

And from nothing I could do it.
But you couldn't wait,
To satisfy your lust for a certain taste.
And having cash in hand just to celebrate,
Is not the only reason I've cemented to pave my way.

I was born to create from nothing.
To touch, feel and be felt.
And never could I say,
The life you have had asistance to live...
Has not bestowed upon me my own blessings.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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