Knowing My Consciousness Is Being Address

What has been the affect of my blessings?
I suppose it is the peace of mind I find.
And being inquisitive about life,
Has never been treated by me as a commodity
I awaken fascinated.

I imagine myself floating through space,
With an awareness of no boundaries.
Or limitations of any kind taken place.
And when I finally come down to Earth...
I'm reminded how blind and insensitive,
The feeding of greed...
Has left the majority of people to believe,
The Universe is not an 'entity' that knows and breathes...
Every detail of their existence.
The tremendousness of this Supreme Majesticness,
Has to know!

What has been the affect of my blessings?
Knowing my consciousness is being address,
By a power too great for me to envision.
But from 'IT' I get a sense of approval.
And from 'IT' I get a motivation that keeps me devoted.
And from 'IT' I get immediate feedback....
From millions of years,
Servicing wisdoms far greater than my own limitation.

That has been the affect,
Of acknowledging I've been blessed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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