Knowing Very Little

Someone knows 'someone'
Who has been quick to express disappointment,

That 'someone' who believes,
They were annointed to know everything...
Just because God has given them air to breathe.

Those folks are the ones,
Who say they have no interest in politics.
Announcing that religion and politics do not mix.
And knowing very little about either.
And even knowing less on a daily basis.

They do not read or participate in community activities.
And yet appear on a neighbor's doorstep,
Out of breath to express...
'What in the world is going on?
Do you know what I just found out?
I 'heard' there were problems with the economy.
And there was this Black guy on TV...
Telling me about changes he is going to make.
What on Earth?

Have you seen him?
Is this some kind of a joke?
What happened to Bush?
I feel I am about to have a stroke! '

They remain confined,
Out of touch and time.
And soon...
Out of their minds!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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