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Knowing What Could Have Been....
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Knowing What Could Have Been....

Poem By Rachel Fogle

We all ask ourselves time and again, that dreaded question of,
What Could Have been?

Rethinking every error, reliving the past trying to stop and ponder the questions over & over we ask.

What Could Have Been?
What did we do?
What didn't we say?
What was I to you?

And still as it happens, answers are few in far between.
For as always the could have beens, run so very deep.

Each side has a view, each heart has a cause.
Each weakness has a tear that long ago was drawn.
Yet we keep doubting our true worth,
Questioning our souls.
Wondering why way down deep,
What Could Have Beens, were told.

Love is so complicated its hard to describe.
And yet each of us is guilty of handling something so delicate and prized.

We desire what we see, we crave what we feel.
Still nothing can erase that love that the mind feels.
What Could Have Been, is always there.
What might still be is awaiting there,
Dwelling on the what's if, or the could be's only makes living harder then its seem.

I could be a mom.
I could be loved.
I could be cherised, I could be the one.

Let go of the could be's and the have beens of the heart.
Reach for the moment and shoot for the stars.

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