Knowing You Are Not Alone

Poem By Jim Yerman

One person can stand alone and think he's stronger than the others
But our strength is often doubled when we lean on one another.

When we're down and out, frustrated and we're unsure what to do
Encouragement from a friend or loved one can help to see us through

Nathaniel Hawthorne was at a low point in his life, he was in a bad transition
He wasn't making a living writing, he had lost his government position.

He was dejected and desperate and found himself in a sorrowful state of gloom
When his wife, Sophia, who was undeterred, walked into the room.

She lit a fire in the fireplace, put pen and ink at his writing nook
Wrapped her arms around his shoulders and said, "It's time to write that book".

This little encouragement went to Nathaniel's heart, he instantly felt better
And the ensuing novel that he guessed it, The Scarlet Letter.

We have a great advantage, you and I, when our lives are intertwined
If you are lacking the strength to cope- I can offer some of mine.

And when I'm having troubles and my life is challenging too
I know that I am not alone and can borrow strength from you.

It's a wonderful way to go through life as Sophia and Nathaniel have shown
Knowing someone is standing by to help- knowing you are not alone.

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