(August 4th,1926 / New York City)


How do people know they know
Those things they are cocksure of?
Certainty does overflow
When acting so assured of

To be so right, most all the time
Egos ever sprouting
Know It Alls feel so sublime
Never ever doubting

Admitting errors, they rarely do
It’s just not in their makeup
They never think they misconstrue
Perhaps they need a wakeup

What is it in their mental scheme
That makes them act this way?
Pehaps it’s just low self esteem
That holds true facts at bay

So, Know It Alls, get off this track
We really know what ails you
Humility is what you lack
Your know-it-all-ness fails you

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Comments (2)

Great, these 'Know it Alls' are a real pain the a**' so to speak. This has certainly put them in their place, a very good write indeed. Love Ernestine XXX
You know I was listening to The Shepherds Chapel today on excepting responsibility for ones own actions. In your poem you are so correct that in humulity can one be humble enough. Thanks for your words. GOD Bless! Delilah