Malcom said by any means, but ghandi was non-violent/
Dr King rode wit Ghandi, but now dey voice is silent/

Imma show u my world, a different side of life/
no x-men comics, but niggas crawl at night/

no wolverine claws, juss wolves and fiends yall/
niggas on da street, push dope never sleep/

most kids grew up watchin rugrats and doug/
da kids i knew, grew up watchin people cop drugs/

neighborhoods is saturated wit hella liquor stores/
its enough guns on da street to start r own war/

Don't nobody own houses, but dey stay wit da hammers/
cuz dey too busy buyin shit 2 pose fo a camera/

spend stacks on grillz and lac's, but live in 1 room shacks/
blacks wastin dey money is a well know fact/

kids wanna betta life, but der parents aint around/
daddy left early, an mommy hoe'n around town/

by Dis Guy.... His name is Clif

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