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RI (July8,1981 / Badalgachi, Naogaon, Bangladesh)


Poem By Rex Islam

O, divine state, I bend to you,
Surrender, I know what you can do;
Your creation is hard to presume,
Send your love to reach for the doom -
We out from the celestial life
Seem as if we are to be in strife
Not with the evil, but with the man:
An immense trial to make it banned
The words of love, the words of faith;
And through each other to eternal death.

As if we are blind, we see no more the light,
Fame and glory for what we fight,
One’s full strength to leave all behind,
Show no respect nor nothing kind.
We endeavor only for glory and pride,
Want to throw one down from his height:
This is the situation thus the way
To complete one and start the other day,
We lost the purity of the heavenly soul
Running to hell as marked is the goal.

Oh! Bless your creation, please you
Make these banish, all the ferocity;
Endow both love and faith in every heart
And make peace - the only art.
Raise our conscience as the morning sun
And let us see what we have done
To our own soul and to the world,
Till so far how we have dwelled
In your great heaven - the kingdom
In stately love, peace, and freedom.

We came from afar but soon will be back,
And on that returning day, if we lack
Towards man our noble duties
Towards God our divine service.
Then we surely will and must be lost
In a glacial state with mist and frost,
Thrown away to where the sun turns into ash,
To be poked through Poison ivy, out-raged with the lash,
Oh! Feed us knowledge, free us from the devil’s bluff
As we, your best creations, we your love.

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