Food for the brain,
Let your mind grow,

Food for the soul,
Let your heart grow,

Don't you feel,
Hungry for this thing?
Do you feel the power,
That knowledge can bring?

Knowledge is wisdom,
Wisdom so pure,
When ignorance ails you,
Knowledge is the cure.

It opens our world,
Opens our minds,
It makes surethat we,
Are not left behind.

It gives us the courage,
To make the right choice,
It provides a light,
It gives us a voice.

So gain all you can,
Seek to learn,
It's something that you,
From birth did yearn.

Don't always rely,
On others to teach,
Give what you can,
Be the one to preach.

Yes, give what you can,
Give it so freely,
Get what you can,
And feel alive really.

Seek all that you can,
Let is seep through your pores,
Give it a try,
Make the world yours.

by Aisha Sherazi

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Great write, Aisha... wise and purposeful. Well done! ! Brian