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(((Knowledge By Demeanor)))

Its not the clothes that you wear--
But more the looks upon your face...
Your different expressions...
Visions i will not erase;

Its not the different hats you wear---
But more the way that you stand...
Tall or slouched over-hang dog...
Or at readied command! ;

Its not the slippers that you wear--
But more what you do with your hands...
Whether waving them or in your pocket...
Or tilling the land;

Its not the shades that you wear---!
But more the movements of your eyes...!
They tell me the most about you...!
And your shifty disguise;

Its not your pen or paper---
But more what you write...!
That tells me so much...
That sheds a clear light! ;

Yes- knowledge i gain...
And wisdom by listening with mouth closed--
Oh your demeanor tells me everything...!
I will ever need to know;

So-if you ask me: 'Whats shakin' kid? '
After watching and listening to you...! !
I'll give you an accurate answer...! !
With information i already knew! ;

May 28,2010

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