Knowledge Has Made Us Fools

Too many schools here and there,
teaching everything you can ever learn
Too many books here and there,
gossiping everything to our itchy ears
Too many gurus here and there,
making mysterious what is no mystery
Too many tombs here and there,
causing decay to those who stood on the wrong side of victory
No one gives a heck about history all we do is just read it
Too many schools and we are fast forgetting
what white looks like
Too many books yet we've lost direction
of the true side
Too many gurus yet blood overflows the Nile
Too many tombs, why are dead men still searching for rest
You see knowledge only exposes us to reality,
It does not teach us how to handle it.


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Too many books yet we've lost direction. A very sad and pathetic situation we find ourselves in at this point in time in the world. Wise assessment dear poet. Thanks
ignorance is bliss.