JSD (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

Welcome Freshers

Oh! Welcome freshers
To this most recognized department
We have a place reserved for you
Also in our heart apartment

Your presence brightens up the day
Your intellect has many things to say
Your energy burns up all the hay
And then we have a bill to pay
Oh come on just kidding!
That was only a joke to say
We know
That your goals have a movement like a ray
You all succeed in your life
That’s the only thing we pray

We remember
The day you first stepped
In the Department of Business Administration
Big question mark on every guy’s face
But with a distinct satisfaction
We never expected that you’ll create
Such extensive reverberation
That the whole department will dance
On the 16th October for recreation

Your batch comprises of
Such beautiful kudiyaan
Some are simple, a few are sober
And most are burning fuljhariyaan
Just their presence creates the milieu
For an exceptional euphoria
And the department also boasts of
These rarest Goriyaan
We are sure you’ll rise
To the paramount position
None of you will settle for hausfrau
And continue the blind tradition
Take the world in your stride
With the utmost precision
Break all barriers, remove all fences
As well as the superstitions

Now considering something
About the boy’s part
You are all quite contrary
To your fairer counterpart
Beware! The girls are going to drive you crazy
Your lackluster attitude
Makes you all lazy
Anyhow, if are on the hit list
Then you all turn to be evangelist
Our dear brethren can outflank any philanderer
Yet you are called philanthropist

So now guys
It’s time to get into the grove
As we have some lip-smacking supper
And a foxtrot to prove

So go and get your part or pie
Otherwise you’ll lag behind mere bhai
The floor is ready for your jhatkaa
And we can’t help if somebody atkaa

We’ll have some toothsome vegetarian
That you’ll remember till septuagenarian
But mind it out the samose me mircha
That has proved us a lot of kharcha

We all had some exciting times together
The memories of which are imprinted forever
We hope that you didn’t mind
All through the introduction
As we just wanted to prove
Our deep love and affection
But in case if you felt otherwise
Then we are sorry and heartily apologize
We just wanted to build
A healthy atmosphere
Which has the camaraderie
All in a social sphere

We expect from you to sync all around
And raise the coveted banner
We expect you to win all through
In a competitive manner

Our wishes are always with you
In every step of your life
And you’ll find us beside you
In each and every strife
But don’t expect us to help you
In that part of your life
Which includes the fights and quarrels
Between the husband and wife
But we promise that we won’t be ajnabee
‘Cause our dil really chahta hai
So enjoy that day as much as you can
As ye din roz nahi aata hai

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