In this country
struggling to stop the
expanding challenging questionings
of what exactly is a democracy; mockingly
pushing for powers to please the Oligarchy!
Put in the "sin bin", all of the seasoned men
and women, and children of immigrants; you
are all immigrants stupid'! Without any exceptions
except those Native civilizations you "cornbreads"
almost murdered into extinction! That sure stunk
up the seasoning of a freshly baked democracy!
Securing the lands and the resources for those
murdering "men of industry"; who pled their
allegiance too the "crown". and continue to
do so till this very daze! Speaking of terror!
What group do you fear the most? Is this
group your group? Is this group a grope of
hearth faggots? Most likely! Supporting the
one percent internally as touts and minders
and enforcers with an agenda to be paid well
for hobnail booting you meandering "Sheeple"!
Government is? What would any of you know
of what government is? Or governance? Or
maybe groveling? What government represents
you? The government of an "arms embargo"?
The government of international terrorists?
Any government not giving a pile of stool
to it's citizenry of fools? "Arms and Bullets"!
A delicate balance; that chalice full of malice
and callus behavior towards all this world's
"sheeple people"! Wrong-handed fists first
subjects whose wills burst, what could be
worse? A brain dead complacent and
morbidly lazy society such as the U.S.A.!
Weapons and equipment; lime powder and
sack clothe, barbed wire enclosures, "sheeple"
all roped up! "What's up Doc"? The U.N.
security council, permanent members all
signing the "Vienna Statement"? Not another
foreign military intervention; as was displayed in
Libya! Whoa! now there is the way! To provide
justice its sway! Over you blind, deaf, and dumbed
down Americant Citizens! And which is this situation?
Our government governing US? So that the "international
community" will be spared the price of putting US all in
chains! Warning! No one citizen is too be spared the
spearing! Eradication is the name of this game!
Control of all of your chattel is the plan! And
you each will be held; in government controlled
areas! Just ask "Dick Cheney"! or "Bush Sr." or
that dumb dead Justice Scalia! The threat ain't
the "Islamic State"! The threat is of you're making!
You stupid, ignorant, donkeys; love living in chains!
All the while you are crawling around scratching
for trickle down coin, you are quarreling over
"belles" and "balls", like traumatized two year olds!
And all the while; the resources of this country
are continually being exploited for what?
Surely not to pay off the interest on our
national debt! Allocation of this country's
oil and financial resources? You getting any?
Alaskans do! Why the stool not you?
21 is a number; is a game, is a wonderful age!
To be used by "them" for the purpose of swilling
booze and smoking cigarettes and murdering your
brothers and sisters! You "leased and contracted out"
piles of "blind mullets"! Governments have always
contained "parallel institutions"; with such glorious
benefits given to its inside players! These "sole-
illegitimate recipients of "Caddy-shacked healthcare"
packages and those retirement parachutes and those
plush after sessions pleasuring's! All of the many
"needful things" deemed appropriate for you; getting
"served by them", serving themselves first! On your
tax dimes! And you "sheeple" have your asp wholes
straight up to the sky; opening it up and taking it deeper
and deeper, and deeper! The "Heads of Snake"; are each
poking out of your mouths! This is how you are pledged!

by Michael Walkerjohn

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' Knowledge ' Now that I know How passion warms little Of flesh in the mould, And treasure is brittle, - I'll lie here and learn How, over their ground Trees make a long shadow And a light sound. - In ITALIAN: ' Conoscenza ' Ora che so Come la passione scaldi un po' Di carne nello stampo, E come fragile sia il tesoro, - Rimarrò qui ad imparare Come, sopra la terra dove stanno, Gli alberi proiettano una lunga ombra E un lieve suono.
good write here. Knowledge must be earned!