Known And Loved As Muhammad Ali

To many he remains as the boxer supreme
But more to him than being a former World Heavyweight Champion or so it would seem
The man who used to call himself the greatest is a great man indeed
And of many more like him the Human World is in need.

In his early years he was known as Cassius Clay
But known and loved Worldwide as Muhammad Ali today
An ambassador for humanity in his witty and charming way
But now showing the wear of time which does seem sad to say.

Known on all corners of the Globe north, east, west and south
The World's best known parkinsons sufferer of that little doubt
An idol to so many people Worldwide
The man who has transcended the racial divide.

Far more that a great World Champion boxer oh yes indeed far more
What can be said of him that has not been said before
His is a much loved and a recognizable face
This marvellous ambassador for the human race.

by Francis Duggan

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