Known As A Peasant Poet

The greatest Nature poet of the English language to many was John Clare
His poems on birds and animals with the best can compare
In Helpston his home Village he grew to love Nature as a child
But sadly in his life lady luck on him never smiled

Some poets in their poems claim Nature's ways to be a mystery
But John Clare wrote on Nature's creatures in their reality
Of Nature's creatures he was one who knew much about
He once got so close to a singing cuckoo that he could see into it's mouth

His poems on animals and birds are among the best
The Landrail, The Badger, The Pettichap and The Thrush's Nest
And his poems on insects such as the ladybird known as Clock A Clay
A literary gem on Nature that is enjoyed by lovers of Nature poetry today

A renowned poet of the English language of the nineteenth century
John Clare died in the Northampton Asylum in extreme poverty
Known as a peasant poet but literary gems he did create
And today his name does live on as a poetic great.

by Francis Duggan

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