Known As Little Ravens Or Pale Eyed Crows

Known as little raven or the pale eyed crow
They are good at surviving of them that much i do know
Quite common in their range i see and hear them every day
South eastern Australia's best known corvids of them one can say
Often seen in the town parks and in the countryside
And that they are intelligent of them cannot be denied
In the town park lake to soften to eat i have seen them soaking slices of hard stale bread
Of most other birds in i q they do seem far ahead
If someone told me this i would say it were lies
But in Warrnambool Botanical Gardens i see this with my own eyes
In Nature every day for us there is some new surprise
And that pale eyed crows are quite clever i have come to realize
Familiar to many and familiar to me
They are birds every day i do hear and do see.

by Francis Duggan

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