Known As Magpie Larks Or Mudlarks

From human dwellings never too far away
Dainty black and white birds that i do see and hear every day
Known as magpie larks or mudlarks or to some as pee wee
Birds familiar to many and familiar to me
In small family groups they defend territory
And build a cup shaped nest of mud on fork of low branch of tree
They sing their song which sounds like pee wee many times every day of the year
Their familiar and distinctive voices quite pleasant for to hear
Familiar medium sized birds with ways of their own
In all parts of Australia magpie larks are well known
Every day i hear and see them in the town park
The mud nest building birds known as magpie lark
From where humans live they are never far away
Magpie larks are birds i see and hear every day

by Francis Duggan

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