Known As Magpie Larks

Black and white birds by their song one could never mistake
They sing every day to nightfall from daybreak
Known as magpie larks though some name them from their song of pee wee
Or mudlarks since they build a mud nest on branch of a tree
Medium sized birds their familiarity is their claim to bird renown
They are at home in the country paddocks or the parks of the town
Near where humans live they seem happy for to stay
Dainty birds that i do see and hear every day
Their heads ever bobbing as they walk around
They live on small insects they find on the ground
Quite charming birds they do have ways of their own
Australia's magpie larks are loved by many and widely known
From where i live they never do seem far away
They are birds i hear and do see every day.

by Francis Duggan

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