Known To All

Had that been known to all?
We could have taken it as different call
We would have acted unwise and felt secured
With slight setback we would have felt it as tortured

It is not mystery or unknown fact
We have to respond and responsibly act
As poet you can catch the imaginations well
You have to make it romantic and suitably tell

Nature shows it to us in real sense
It has change color, mood and will not keep you tense
With each change you will find some visible improvement
You may be failed to resist temptation for passing the comment

Does the rainy night not threaten us with fear?
Does the black clouds not bring message with tears?
Some where inundation with colossal losses
And somewhere full joy for ending dry spell with new water deposits

It is better that we are kept in dark
No one knows the danger of sudden spark?
Had that been known to ordinary man?
No tragedy may occur and all may go well with plan

We got to accept the divine power
It may starve and at the same time bless with shower
We need to adjust as per natural law
Even though it may be erratic sometimes and have many flaws

We have taken it as something good to happen
The losses might have been more even then
It is not taken as curse but as simple fate
It may come sometimes early and sometimes very late

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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