Impact And Resonance

The peel of thunder, as the roof were off the sky
And I think, gunshot, before I hear its approach and roll.

The report is of a rainy day, and him dead in the apartment three doors away;
I think he was uncomfortable last he was here -
His parting words to me, my fortune to be accompanied by such beauty in life.

Yet, absolution remains a floodgate in the temporal,
And so, I think what happens is you end up mandatorily trading in
Contrived inspiration unawares for the weight of poignancy.

by Brian Minniear

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it was a very good poem dude man
very good as I like eating raw okra, loves smell of tomato leaf, can eat onion, cucumber.
Summers are a blissful season offering so many wonderful things to do all day. Thanks, Nikki. Not only when you go to bed And sleep
I am not sure that work itself is as interesting as the commentary below. Indeed, the warmth of all things that make home home, is fuel for the heart and soul. Interesting to consider that this laundry list of familiar comfortables may seem completely alien to someone far away in a completely different culture, like Zanzibar or California. But we all share the yearning desire for the familiar comforts of home.
Sounds good to me. My kind of food. Interesting comments below.
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