From Basic Black To The Whole Rainbow

Of the rainbow
With all the colors
Our faces
Deceivingly shimmer

People black their hearts
Of night
The hope

Let’s look
At the sky
Still stars trustfully


by Per. Nig.

Comments (2)

the previous version i read ended with the ashes in the water and i think this whole new added bit is a big improvement. i know very little about buddhism although i would have thought that crying would make one less of a buddhist not more. death shouldn't be a problem according to buddhism, right, unless you lived a bad life, in which case you'll come back on a lower level? and then you'll get another chance anyway? sorry, my ignorance on such matters is great, there are obviously various strands of buddhism like there are various strands of christianity, and i don't know what they all say or how they differ. when you say 'almost there' do you mean almost at a level of feeling, a state you haven't arrived at yet, as in referring to the buddhist idea of progressing through various levels? so more feeling would be an advancement? though isn't the most advanced state a situation of non-feeling? i don't understand exactly what nirvana is meant to be with regards to this. it's non-feeling and yet simultaneously complete compassion? sorry again, my questions are very amateur, i know very little about eastern religions, but your poems have been gradually raising a few questions in my head.
Almost touched the face of the moon Little finger pointed, thought I just Might catch a tear or two; Old man......old man lightens up, Smiles, tentatively, smiles real Tender, like he's seen it all before... Wonderful word: Almost! Great read. Thanks, Sandra