Kolor In April

Home to wallaby and gray roo and weerloo and pale eyed crow
Between the volcanic rocks of Kolor thistles, scutch grass and bracken grow
Down the stony face of Kolor red hot lava it did flow
To the amazement of the first Australians thousands of centuries ago
They must have thought the mountain God was angry as they watched in fear and awe
And that their World was ending so frightened at what they saw
That this was an act of Nature something they were not to know
Now on the stony slopes of Kolor only bracken and thistles grow
High above the hill of Kolor two wedge tailed eagles soar and fly
Scanning the ground for prey movement monarchs of the southern sky
For them to exist in Kolor smaller creatures have to die
This is just a fact of Nature and Nature's facts do never lie
On the stunted trees of Kolor on this April evening in mid Fall
The black pale eyed crows are cawing and the dark brown weerloos call.

by Francis Duggan

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