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I wrote this poem for Kolten, a child I never knew.
I pray for you his mother, I have been there too.
There are days that you think, will never ever end.
And you think your broken heart, soon will not mend.
Let me give you some advice, it gives me comfort still.
To know that I, gave my child, to God's greater will.
So put your faith and all your trust, in his gentle hands.
I know that it is hard, but He has a plan.
He wished for us greater things, than we can understand.
Do not give in to despair, because His word is true.
After all He gave his life, for me and for you.
Think only of our loved ones lost, as God's greater gain.
Our babies sit beside him, and they feel no pain.
There will be no heartbreak, as with me and you.
They only know the comfort, of His love so true.
Looking down upon us, they are our guiding light.
To try and do all the things, in this life that is right.
So that one day, if all goes well, all loved ones will unite.
To live through all eternity, within His loving sight.
We all will be together, in the very end.
Remember this above all else. God, is our best friend.

by Leathia Colleen Farine


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