Kookaburra Bird Of Prey

Hear the kookaburra calling at the dawning of the day
Laughing loudly on the gum trees in October morning gray
Little song birds screaming loudly kookaburra they all say
We don't want you on our gum trees from our valley clear away.

Scolding blackbird acting bravely kookaburra let us be
Last year you or else your kin bird killed and ate my family
But this year I'll protect my nestlings I'll protect them with my life
Don't you dare go near my children or their mother my dear wife.

But Kookaburra he laugh louder I am not afraid of you
I could kill you here this minute if I really wanted to
Getting tired of snakes and lizards need a tasty bite of meat
And a little pink skinned nestling would be very nice to eat.

Kookaburra laughing loudly monarch of all he survey
At daybreak in late October out in search of easy prey
Looking for nests on the gum trees out to fill his empty craw
With the flesh of little nestlings which he will eat warm and raw.

by Francis Duggan

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