Kookaburras Laughter

Long before most of diurnal wildlife from slumber awake
In the mountain wood two hours before daybreak
The loud unmelodious cackling of the kookaburras one does hear
Though some distance away they do seem rather near
Their outbursts of delirious laughter in their own kind meant to instill fear
A warning to other kookaburras of their borders to stay clear
Aggressive by nature since this is their way
The largest non fishing kingfishers of prey
When laughing kookaburras laugh together as a family
It is all about group bonding and defense of territory
With borders to proclaim and nesting sites to defend
Kookaburras do not call out for to make a friend
In the darkness of the morning in the woodland near
The laughter of the kookaburras unmelodious and clear.

by Francis Duggan

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