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Good Or Bad Night

Cruel intentions, hung in suspension,
Fate is turning, lost my pension.
Where is now, pay attention,
Her name is pain, please don't mention.

Lost eyes, behind the foggy glare,
Eyes locked, in a steady stare.
Across the bar, she is there,
There he is too, it just aint fair.

Another drink, down the hatch,
Moonshine burns, Man! This is a tasty batch.
Each drink goes down easier,
Mere envisions, she gets sleazier.

Five, six, seven...
Before I know it, it’s eleven.
Everything becomes a blurrrrr....
Forgetting this, becomes so sure.

Next morning, pounding head,
Body aches, feel so dead.
What happened? Where am I?
Am I dead? Did I die?

Turn over, to make sense,
Oh no! What did I do! ?
What I thought was only past-tense,
As I stare, straight at you....

You is her, I am me,
What is this? That I see,
The past, it caught up to...

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We always fall for the Kool dudes don't we...good poem to read...thanks...