(1967- / Homestead, Florida)

Koolaid's Kool

Liver little
Bile of ages run
Acid of humanity
Shudder in the morning sun
Hold the door
Create what you can't see
Have a drink
Or two, or three
Have monotony
Master meter maid
Stand up to those giants
Never seem afraid
Have methodology
Have a soul, have a brain
Have a sector
Reserved for pain
Have a hole
For the insane
Watch your life
Slip down the drain

by Kelly Vinal

Comments (3)

Yet another winner. It reminds me of some of the French symbolists poets who mixed sybolic gestures to create a sum of more than the combined parts. My impression was very clear and I shall keep reading this poem for a long time to come.
shall now go and take a long hard look at my lifes infrastructure: -)
Excellent. I like your style very much.