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Koon Nashoor

Koon nashoor

Angry with someone
I returned to the tongue
That I have for long time
Been distance, far from
I spoke in Persian or Farsi…

I called him: "Koon nashoor".

Then thought of years passed by
It heard it, possibly used it too
But never analysed this slang, proverb
Whatever it may be, or is called.

Verified its meaning
"The one who doesn't wash
…his/her ass…"

And questioned: "what is it? "

Among the majors that
Studied and obtained
Is "Cultures, expressions"?
Now find it treasure.

Expression: "unwashed ass"
What is it?
Is it child, unable?
Or all the non-Muslims?

Muslims must wash the ass.

Regardless can be seen as insult
In culture that made it
Great one.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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