Koroit An Old Town

Koroit an old Town in Victoria's south west
Every visitor to there is always impressed
With the friendliness of it's people there many a smiling face
As well as a welcoming quite a livable place

Close to Tower Hill of the Budj Bim of the coastal countryside
Koroit through it's people for it's strong links to Ireland is known Worldwide
With so many with Irish family names living there one of it's claim to renown
Is that it surely has to be Australia's most Irish Town

Every visitor to the Moyne Shire do feel quite impressed
With the hospitality of the people there they are amongst Australia's best
And Koroit for it's hospitable people in a class of it's own
One reason that their Town is loved and widely known

Koroit in Victoria the inspiration of story and rhyme
It's original inhabitants were the people of the Dreamtime
The majority of it's people have an Irish family name
Though the old Town in the Moyne Shire has many claims to fame.

by Francis Duggan

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