Koroit In January

In the mostly blue and sunny sky some cumulus of woolly looking gray
It is almost thirty degrees in Koroit Town today
The warbling of the magpies on the sunlit trees
In the Botanical Gardens is carrying in the freshening breeze
The laughter of children in the park playground a joy for to hear
On the first week of January in the early new year
A weather forecast high for the day of a warm twenty nine
Though nice and cool in the shade out of the sunshine
In Koroit of the Moyne Shire quite close to Warrnambool
At most times of the year the weather dry and cool
With strong links to Indigenous And Irish cultures two of it's claims to renown
One can say of it quite a livable town
The parks and Nature strips looking green after the recent rain
With such beautiful weather how could one complain.

by Francis Duggan

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A nice ode to your home.