Koroit In South Western Victoria

With strong links to Celtic and Indigenous Cultures as it's claim to historical renown
And apart from that Koroit in South Western Victoria is a very livable Town
Quite close to the sea and the beaches and close to Port Fairy and Warrnambool
Spring, Summer and Autumn in Koroit are pleasant and the Winter on the side of cool
Overall the people of Koroit are quite friendly it is quite a welcoming place
Anyway most there to me friendly though to most there mine not a known face
Most who visit there to there return for to enjoy a holiday
It is quite a nice place to visit and to there some even return to stay
Koroit in South Western Victoria is a Town that is widely known
And apart from it's proximity to Tower Hill and the beaches it does have a charm of it's own
In Tower Hill many species of native wildlife wallaby, echidna, koala, emu and kangaroo
And crimson rosella and long bill corella and yellow tail black cockatoo
And swamphen, black duck, black swan, teal, grebe and moorhen in Tower Hill lake seen all year round
Five Minutes by car from Koroit Town in a place where beauty and peace is to be found.

by Francis Duggan

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