Koroit It Has Become Known

It's strong links to Ireland one of it's claims to renown
Koroit in south west Victoria an old rural Town
For it's friendly people it is widely known
One might say Koroitians have a charm of their own
The beaches from Koroit in distance not far
Killarney or Rutledge Cuttings twelve minutes by car
Most of those who visit Koroit return to visit again
And some even for the long stay does remain
To live and grow old in a most livable place
Where many do greet you with a smiling face
Near to Tower Hill the spiritual home of the south west's first people the Budj Bim race
To the pre Dreamtime centuries their history does trace
As a famous old Town in south west Victoria's coastal countryside
Koroit it has become known in Countries Worldwide.

by Francis Duggan

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