(1478 - 1581 / India)

Krishna In The Cradle

Yasoda lulling Hari to sleep,
Shaking the cradle, cuddling and fondling,
Singing to Him a song.
My darling is sleepy
Why doesn't sleep come along?
Come sleep, come quickly
Kanha for you does long.
Sometimes He closes His eyes
Sometimes His lips are aflutter.
Thinking He has fallen asleep
Yasoda stops her singing.
Awake still, He's up suddenly
Enjoying Yasoda's song.
Such joy as Yasoda feels
Is unattainable to the gods.

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I agree. Some things can't be achieved by the gods.
It is a beautiful devotional poem by Sant Surdas having nice execution.
The poems of Saint Surdas is full of Bhakti or devotion. Yashoda's love for her beloved Krishna is immeasurable. Surdas has immortalised mother's love through his beautiful verses.
This is the joy of motherhood unattainable to gods. Saint Surdaas was a poet of immense love and spiritual insight lighting the path of devotion through his immortal verses.
A great song depicting immense love and care of a mother for her child, Lord Krishna and the gimmicks indulged in by the fond kid.